Army M-14 EBR and M-150 RCO Training Products

The Army M-14 EBR/M-150 RCO Training Products, developed on behalf of the U.S. Army Product Manager for Individual Weapons (PM IW), are 60-minute instructional videos designed to ‘explain and train’ the intricacies of the M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR) and the M150 Rifle Combat Optic (RCO).

The M14 EBR was developed in response to the large number of Operational Needs Statements (ONS) submitted for M14 rifles in order to support the role of the Squad Designated Marksman (SDM). Updates to this weapon system include a 3.5-10x variable powered mil-dot scope, forward pistol grip, Harris bipod legs, and rails that can accommodate necessary ancillary items such as lasers and flashlights. Given the evolution of this weapon system, it was of vital importance that the user understands how to properly employ the weapon in order for them to use it to its full potential in any given tactical scenario.

The mission critical goal of this instructional video series was to provide expert training in a way that was captivating and left the end user confident in their ability to employ the M14 EBR and the M150 RCO. In response, the team at Tipping Point Solutions developed an award winning training video that conveyed the learning objectives in a highly engaging and effective television-style format, covering a wide array of material essential to the operation and maintenance of the weapon. Since their delivery, these videos have been issued with each weapon deployed to the field.