Army Leader Exchange on Culture (ALx-Culture)

The Army Leader Exchange – Culture is a TED Talks style leader development series produced for the TRADOC Culture Center that supports their mission of promoting Professional Military Education. This series consists of six (6) highly focused and informative presentations, each less than ten minutes, oriented on the nexus of Cross Cultural Competency (3C) and leader development. These presentations were filmed at the client’s location and incorporated a live audience representing the four learning cohorts (Officers, Warrant Officers, NCOs, and DA Civilians).

The presentations centered on topics such as the Army’s doctrinal approach to culture, building adaptive leaders through cross cultural competency, CREL training management in units, engaging Unified Action Partners, coaching our Soldiers on CREL, and cultural application best practices in US Army history.

This product is a clear demonstration of how to quickly and cost effectively develop and distribute training when it is advantageous to extend concepts to a distributed audience.