World-Class Film Production Tipping Point

Tipping Point Media, the film production division of Tipping Point Solutions, produces dramatic, film-based informational and virtual training products that are ideally suited to educate and train personnel in procedural and logistics-based learning concepts. TPS has produced award-winning, scenario-based training products for numerous customers. Our film media, when coupled with Tipping Point’s instructional design and content development capabilities, enables our products to be informative, enjoyable, and a highly effective enabler.

At Tipping Point, we offer our clients the expertise, studio space; production equipment and post-production suites necessary to produce world-class cinematic and studio media.


Check out the below film styles to learn more about Tipping Point Media.
Dramatic, Scenario-Based Cinematic ContentStudio and Green Screen FilmingLive Event TrainingDocumentary Style FilmingInformational Videos
Tipping Point Media has extensive experience producing scripted, HBO-quality cinematic content, supporting immersive scenario-based training. Since Tipping Point’s formation, our team of writers and producers have employed the same film production capabilities used by major motion picture studios. We have direct experience developing film-based products that support:

– Historical Reenactments
– Live action scenes involving IED and simulated gunfire.
– Sensitive cross-cultural interactions
– Customer Service interactions
– Healthcare provider/patient interactions
– Special Effects

Since our content most often reflects our end audience, we take particular pride in our products reflecting accurately on the presentation and behaviors of the characters presented within the film. For this reason, we always ensure the involvement of subject matter experts throughout our process.

Tipping Point Media offers a fully equipped film studio capable of green screen film production. This studio is a key enabler in our ability to offer high quality ‘Presenters’ for use in our various products. Additionally, we have the capability to incorporate green screen elements into our dramatic film elements, bridging the gap between organic locations and CGI. These special effects capabilities offer our clients the ability to create engaging film content at a fraction of what it would cost in an actual film location.

When the opportunity exists to produce content using the client’s personnel, you can be assured that Tipping Point will deliver a final product that will exceed your expectations. Whether in a classroom, auditorium or a live exercise, we can deliver a product that will convey the key learning objectives.

When the requirement seeks to educate or inform an audience with the backdrop being a reality-based environment then your best alternative is to pursue a documentary approach to educate. This method requires a team equipped to coordinate closely with the clients organization to acquire access to locations as well as personnel with whom to conduct interviews.

When content dictates that the format be short, non-interactive and direct to the point, then informational videos are the solution. While advertising firms often attempt to speak to this format, they generally lack the educational expertise to consider the learning objectives in place of product that instead only promotes a brand. At Tipping Point, we not only consider the brand awareness but also take great measures to ensure valuable learning can occur within a short period.