World-Class Film Production Tipping Point

Tipping Point Media, the film production division of Tipping Point Solutions, produces dramatic, film-based informational and virtual training products that are ideally suited to educate and train personnel in procedural and logistics-based learning concepts. TPS has produced award-winning, scenario-based training products for numerous customers. Our film media, when coupled with Tipping Point’s instructional design and content development capabilities, enables our products to be informative, enjoyable, and a highly effective enabler.

At Tipping Point, we offer our clients the expertise, studio space; production equipment and post-production suites necessary produce world-class cinematic and studio media.

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When the requirement seeks to educate or inform an audience with the backdrop being a reality-based environment then your best alternative is to pursue a documentary approach to educate. This method requires a team equipped to coordinate closely with the clients organization to acquire access to locations as well as personnel with whom to conduct interviews.