Learning Technologies Development

While it may be true that nearly anyone can develop training through the utilization of PowerPoint or even one of the many eLearning authoring suites currently on the market, it is most often the case that without an eLearning background and strong technical expertise, these products are generally limited in their use of only a small subset of available learning strategies.

With Tipping Point, you can be assured that our team of instructional designers, graphic artists, and software developers can provide an extensive set of interactive training options. Our extensive experience in the technical development and deployment of eLearning solutions places us in a position where we can employ the right tool for the job. Specifically, we offer expertise in the following areas:

– Advanced employment of rapid development eLearning tools such as Articulate, Animate, Lectora, Captivate, etc.
– Technical courseware integration in most Learning Management Systems (LMS)
– Knowledge of technical factors for deploying courseware in a Sharable Content Object Reusable Module (SCORM) environment.
– Development of custom game-based training solutions through the use of HTML5, Unity, etc.
– Deployment of courseware on mobile devices

One of the key elements of any successful eLearning company is their ability to leverage on the development and adaptation of rapid development capabilities and custom software development in order to bridge content with the user experience. At Tipping Point Solutions, we systematically align the technical solution with the learning objectives and created content with the result being a true innovative learning experience.