Instructional Design Expertise

We develop training products designed around the most effective learning strategies, ensuring that our training is engaging, challenging, and enjoyable while promoting maximum comprehension and long-term retention.


The team at Tipping Point Solutions maintains strong expertise in the instructional design and development process from initial analysis through design, development, implementation, and evaluation (ADDIE). Our training development process commences with a backwards design approach, involving an analysis of the target audience and the desired learning outcomes; identification of the learner audience and what they need to be able to perform their job once they complete the training. In addition, our design process also includes numerous factors that ensure our training approach is most effective in supporting the learning style of adults. Research shows that adult learners perform best when they are self-directed in their learning and able to apply their recently acquired knowledge immediately following its introduction. We offer a superior training experience through informative content, memorable learning experiences, innovative training technologies, and instructionally sound courseware design.

Our instructional design and development process employs a strategy leveraging on the sequence of Education, Knowledge Reinforcement, and meaningful Knowledge Application, providing learners with a “Show Me/Try It” training experience. This engaging experience is supported through dynamically filmed instructional narratives, practical cognitive interactions, and immersive after-action reviews. Our staff of highly trained graphic artists and computer programmers provide an additional dimension to this training by taking trainees from our photo-realistic/filmed environments into interactive virtual simulations that enable your learners to apply their skills in a safe sandbox. This permits your learners to practice and make mistakes while the consequences are minimal. In combination with our courseware methodology and development process, our team also incorporates a project management methodology that infuses SME and client involvement at every step of the way to meet expectations and achieve the desired learning outcomes.


In addition to our adherence to demonstrated instructional design and project management processes, our team employs a unique product development strategy that promotes the smart integration of cognitive learning strategies through our incorporation of advanced training content such as film and computer generated environments. This product development strategy is essential to ensuring the proper alignment of learning strategies and content types to support client subject matter learning objectives. This ensures the best tool is used for accomplishing the training goals and that these various training components transition seamlessly as the user is guided through the training.